Commercial Loans

North Star Bank is widely known for being a responsive financing source for businesses of all sizes. With local loan decisions, we can give our customers the timely answers they need to get projects rolling. Our expert business lending team can assist you with many unique and flexible options for your business!


Lines of Credit:

Revolving line of credit enables you to repay and re-borrow up to the maximum amount of the line of credit (Used for business operations or working capital)

Non-revolving line of credit allows the borrower access to funds up to a predetermined amount borrowed on multiple dates.

Term Loans

Short Term

  • Purchase or refinance new or used equipment
  • Purchase inventory
  • Seasonal loans
  • Accounts receivable financing

Long Term

  • Purchase commercial real estate
  • Expansion or improving existing business
  • Construction of new commercial building
  • Refinancing existing commercial real estate
  • Development and acquisition loans

Letters of Credit

Offered to qualified borrowers to guarantee payments to a third party over a specific period of time. 

Small Business Administration

We have several loan options available through the Small Business Administration.

We look forward to working with you to determine which loan type is best for your business.

SBA Loans can be used for a variety of purposes and provide great assistance for growth and expansion opportunities, making them an ideal option for many different businesses. Aggregate loan amounts with SBA can span up to $5 million and can improve cash flow with longer loan maturity dates.

SBA loan programs

7(a) Loan Program

The 7(a) Loan Program is a great program for larger projects such as business acquisitions or business expansions. Program funds can be used for a variety of purposes, making it an ideal program for multi-faceted projects.

CAPLines Loan Program

CAPLines program loans are designed to help businesses meet their cyclical working cash flow needs. A variety of sub-programs are available to assist with seasonal inventory purchases, contract costs, property construction, or larger working capital lines of credit.

SBA Express Loan Program

The SBA Express program is for smaller loan requests ($350,000 or less) with streamlined application and credit underwriting processes. Revolving lines of credit are available under this program.

504 Loan Program

The 504 Loan Program requires less equity for down-payments and offers longer maturities with longer term fixed rate options. These loans can be used to purchase larger pieces of equipment or real estate.


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